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2262: Live in Phoenix 2015

The Keith and The Girl 10-Year Anniversary Tour continues. Wali and Rosa join the KATG gang at an Airbnb in Phoenix, AZ October 21, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Live From The Corner Of South Apartment Street And West Apartment Street: Keith and Chemda introduce their impromptu Airbnb show in Phoenix, AZ
  • — It’s A Silly State: Keith and Chemda share some of Arizona’s more ridiculous laws
  • — Vision Quest: Newsy and Lauren Hennessy join the show to talk about the mushroom trip they took the night before in Las Vegas
  • — Nacho Daddy: Ray DeVito hops on mic so the gang can laugh at him for how he ordered food when he was really high in Las Vegas
  • — You Keyed Her Tits?: Wali the Driver takes a seat to discuss Ray keeping him company in the cab. Ray shares an example of one of the yarns he spins to keep Wali awake.
  • — Nothing Happened: Ray used liquid hand soap to wash his clothes at the Vegas trailer park where the gang stayed because the laundry room was out of detergent
  • — The Couple That Sprays Together: Danny Hatch and Rosa join the show to talk about living (and masturbating) together on the bus
  • — Little Surprise: Rosa talks about the (appropriately European?) way she bonded with her younger brother while they were on a trip across Europe together
  • — D-D-Dance Machine: Katharine Heller comes aboard to confirm that she has also masturbated on the bus

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