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3365: 13th Annual KATGuh Award Winners

The 2020 KATGuh Award Winners January 21, 2021

Show Notes

  • — Donald Trump remembered, Joe Biden’s impeachment, and Joe Exotic’s freedom
  • — The 2020 KATGuh Award Winners
  • — Best Fight: Ray Gootz - Chemda vs. The Gootz feat. Billy Procida
  • — Best New Guest: Karen Morrow
  • — Biggest Political Statement: Rod Morrow - Joe Biden Rocks Despacito
  • — Most Romantic Moment: Joe DeVito - The 16 Women Fantasy Love Kumite
  • — Most Heartbreaking Moment: Kyle Ocasio - Being a Mom
  • — Most Ridiculous Moment: Carrie Gravenson - Keith’s Sense of Direction
  • — Best Rant: Ken Malley - Ken’s Vegetarian Burger aka You ARE Gonna Take It

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