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Host of Whoa, Dad! and creator of Insta Girl
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KATG 3502: 2022 24-Hour Marathon: Bananas w/ Jimmy Pardo, Jim Florentine, Ben Katzner, Joe DeRosa, Bianca Brady, Wendi Starling, Shalewa Sharpe, Jessica Watkins, Myq Kaplan, Nick Vatterott, Nikki Bon, and Dylan Adler

Jim Florentine and Jimmy Pardo share their run-ins with the law while being white. Joe DeRosa tries to figure out the point of his life, Bianca Brady explains how comedians are the new truth-telling philosophers, and Shalewa Sharpe tells us what her exes would say are her personal pros and cons. (Pro: she let them hit it raw.) The gang also discusses the nuances of ancestry, and Dylan Adler blesses us with his musical charms. February 11, 2022

Show Notes

  • — The inherent dangers of prank phone calls
  • — Drunk driving
  • — The point of Life
  • — Shalewa Sharpe’s pros and cons
  • — Ancestry
  • — Dylan Adler’s musical stylings

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