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Larry Sells

Attorney, conspiracy theorist, and owner of Kansas City, MO's Uptown Theater
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KATG 2265: Live in Kansas City 2015

The Keith and The Girl 10-Year Anniversary Tour continues. Larry Sells and James Inman join the KATG gang at Uptown Theater in Kansas City, MO. October 26, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Chowderheads: Live from Kansas City, MO’s Uptown Theater, Keith and Chemda open up the second-to-last stop on the #KATGTour with some of Missouri’s ridiculous laws
  • — The Who’s Not Getting Laid Tonight? Competition: Ray DeVito, a big sports fan, goes head-to-head against a stranger in a round of sports trivia
  • — Pillow Barrier: James Inman, subject of the comedy documentary The Unbookables, takes the stage to talk about the debauched antics he and his cohorts got into and allowed to be shown in the movie
  • — It’s The Worst Movie Ever Made: Larry Sells, owner of the Uptown Theater, joins the show to discuss his thoughts on James’ movie
  • — Jet Fuel Can’t Melt The Truth: Larry, an avid conspiracy theorist, discusses the JFK assassination, 9/11, ancient computers, and more
  • — The Bill Cosby Hair Salon: Danny Hatch, Katharine Heller, and their trusty pillows join the show to talk about getting yelled at for using a Bikram yoga studio’s bathroom
  • — Misery: Lauren Hennessy and Newsy join the show to discuss how sketchy Kansas City is

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