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Andrew Orvedahl

Comedian best known as a member of Denver, CO's The Grawlix comedy collective and as a cast member/creator of their television show Those Who Can't.
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KATG 2264: Live in Denver 2015

The Keith and The Girl 10-Year Anniversary Tour continues. Andrew Orvedahl and Nathan Lund join the KATG gang at Herman's Hideaway in Denver, CO. October 25, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Rocky Mountain High: Live from Herman’s Hideaway in Denver, CO, the Keith and The Girl Tour rolls on
  • — It’s Legal: Homicides in Denver went down 60% in the first 6 months of recreational weed being legal. Keith and Chemda discuss some of Colorado's ridiculous laws.
  • — Snake Dick Himself: KATG favorite and Denver resident Chris Iacono joins the show
  • — The PCP Diaries: Ray DeVito, who tells weed jokes so strangers will share their pot with him even though that seems to backfire all the time, joins the show
  • — W+Anchor: Newsy, no stranger to silly tattoos, comes aboard. His paranormal-obsessed brother is now a cast member on a ghost hunter reality show pilot. Chris (sincerely) recently saw a ghost
  • — I Saw Her Too: Katharine Heller, who used to work in a haunted bar, joins the show
  • — Bloody Mary: Danny Hatch joins the show to talk about the time his Civil War-expert cousins scared him after a Gettysburg ghost tour
  • — Junior Varsity: Danny used to run cross country in high school, but he was so slow that they made him run with the girls, which is funny because the fastest runner on the boys team is in the audience
  • — Scaring You With Reality: Andrew Orvedahl, who has a daughter curious about lockdowns and explosions, joins the show
  • — Denver Comedy Champion: Nathan Lund, who thinks ghosts must be real because he’s real scared of them, takes the mic
  • — Aloha: Lauren Hennessy, performing in front of some of his extended family, joins the show and talks about the time he slept with the now ex-girlfriend of one of his cousin Ryan, who comes on stage to read the text Lauren sent him asking permission to tell the story

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