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1726: Gone Skiin'

What's wrong with you? I'm an adult. Dick out. February 13, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Ash Wednesday: Keith's parents took Keith and his siblings to a different church than their denomination because their actual church was 2 hours away
  • — Fat Tuesday: Sweetness made Keith delicious pancakes to celebrate Pancake Tuesday, and another person died at the Heart Attack Grill
  • — State Of The Union: Keith and Chemda play the fun game 'Ted Nugent or Charles Manson?'
  • — Long-Form Comedy: Keith and Chemda introduce a segment from The KATG 54-Hour Marathon, featuring Zach Sherwin, Myq Kaplan, Ted Alexandro, Stuckey & Murray, and Lauren Hennessy
  • — Street Cred: Zach is looking to ditch his MC Mr. Napkins moniker
  • — Jew Tornado: Chemda and Zach compare their Jewish upbringings
  • — Poc-Oh, No: Ted Alexandro spent an excruciatingly long 3-day vacation with his family
  • — Dear Penthouse: The gang talks about their adolescent sexual experiences
  • — Bodily Functions: Stuckey & Murray discuss what life is like with children
  • — Running Out Of Things: S&M serenade the crew
  • — Fighting The Crowd: Ted and S&M talk about their awkward experiences with their audiences
  • — Stuff & Things & Unicorns: S&M close out the clip with some beautiful, completely sincere songs

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