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Paul F. Tompkins

Comedian and actor best known as the host of Fusion's No, You Shut Up! and his roles in There Will Be Blood, BoJack Horseman, Anchorman, The Informant!, and many more
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KATG 2260: Live in Los Angeles 2015

The Keith and The Girl 10-Year Anniversary Tour continues. Paul F. Tompkins, Jesse Joyce, Zach Sherwin, and Peyton Clarkson join the KATG gang at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, CA. October 18, 2015

Show Notes

  • — One Day Before The Shooting: Live from The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, CA, the Keith and The Girl 2015 tour continues
  • — Guess Which One Does Which: Peyton Clarkson and Zach Sherwin open the show with a stand-up set and musical comedy set
  • — The Person Who Introduced And Got Me Addicted To Pot: Lauren Hennessy, Chemda’s Pusher Man, joins the show
  • — Legalize It: Katharine Heller, who doesn’t smoke weed but almost burned her college down when she locked the library to drink wine, hops onboard. Her boyfriend is back home and missing her while she’s away on tour, and his depression probably isn’t helped by Katharine’s social media posts about her adventures
  • — The Informant!: Comedian and actor Paul F. Tompkins joins the show to discuss his comedy and acting career. Danny Hatch comes out and has his stand-up critiqued by Paul, his comedy idol.
  • — The Sober Comedy Tour: Jesse Joyce comes on stage and discusses how he, though an alcoholic, has never smoked weed in his entire life. Paul has never had good experiences with weed because he was only offered it when he was drunk.
  • — It’s Starting To Look Iffy: The gang discusses Bill Cosby
  • — Jesse’s Longtime Person He Knows: Ray DeVito joins the show, not to Jesse’s satisfaction. Jesse and Ray play a round of @midnight.
  • — Speaking Of People Who Hate Ray: Newsy joins the show to talk about how annoyed he’s been getting on tour

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