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Will Bolt

Comedian and freelance writer, and English teacher in Albuquerque, NM
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KATG 2263: Live in Albuquerque 2015

The Keith and The Girl 10-Year Anniversary Tour continues. Will Bolt and Jessica Osbourne join the KATG gang at Aux Dog Theatre in Albuquerque, NM. October 24, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Lobos!: Live from New Mexico’s Aux Dog Theatre and right after thinking they were going to die because they locked themselves in the bus, Keith and Chemda continue the 2015 Keith and The Girl Tour
  • — If It Wasn’t For Me, Nobody Would Be Here: Newsy, who saved the day and replaced the bus’s broken lock along with Lauren Hennessy, joins the show
  • — Who’s On Craigslist?: As a teen, Newsy snuck guys into his room to have sex with them
  • — The Opposite Of Newsy: Danny Hatch, who couldn’t imagine sneaking people in or out of his house, comes on stage to discuss the effect his parents’ divorce had on him and the time he got caught watching porn at his dad’s house
  • — Another Fuddy Duddy: Katharine Heller, who didn’t even have anyone to sneak out with, joins the show. She used to draw homemade porn whenever she wanted to masturbate.
  • — The King Of Sex: Ray DeVito, who got beat by his father after his sister left her boyfriend’s condoms in his bed, joins the show
  • — Reparations: Ray got back at his parents by stealing their cherry liqueur and getting drunk with his friends
  • — Can You And Mom Just Get A Divorce?: Lauren Hennessy joins the show to talk about the time his dad made him think his parents were getting divorced because he smoked weed
  • — Nunsense: Will Bolt and Jessica Osbourne join the show. Will’s sister-in-law is a Plebeian – one who believes she comes from the Plebes star cluster. Jessica’s parents were very lenient with her and allowed her to get away with all sorts of things, such as doing coke in clubs at age 13
  • — The Boogerman: The gang talks about their shared booger histories
  • — Relapse: After freeing themselves from the bus, the gang went to 7/11 where Chemda had her first Coke Slurpee in 8 years

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